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About Our Company
Raleigh by Design

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy here at Raleigh by Design is simple. Treat every client like family and every website like a family heirloom. We like to pretend the family heirloom is a rare painting, since we consider ourselves artists. We also find it to be true that great websites are just like great paintings, the keys are truly in the detail. From experience we know that every client has a vision they are trying to portray. As well as a certain action or emotion they are hoping to trigger. We achieve these through a beautiful combination of user experience design, analytical development, and socially motivated marketing. When done right, that painting can go from a hidden object that was mostly forgotten to a proud piece you can display front and center.


Our Experience

We here at Raleigh by Design have been designing, developing, and marketing websites for over 10 years. Over those years we have had the pleasure to witness the evolution of the internet. From basic websites that more closely resembled word documents. To a world filled with dynamic pages that represent cutting-edge advances in science and design. Every website we build is a new learning experience as well as a new relationship. We have had the privilege to get to know a large number of local clients from all walks of life. It is our hope to continue to expand these relationships and gain more knowledge. While providing the Raleigh area with stunning websites, that aren't only works of art, but functional marketing machines.


Our Advantage

Our Advantage at Raleigh by Design is what sets us apart from the competition. Being a local company allows us to better understand the local businesses that we serve. We are familiar with the area and know what is required to meet the demands of the market and its customers. Similarly, we pride ourselves on being detailed and goal oriented with a strong hands-on approach. Our company is lightweight, allowing us greater versatility in our services and the feature set we can provide to each client. This allows us to be extremely efficient, providing cost effective and affordable options. All while maintaining a full-service company that can provide turnkey solutions in complex areas such as website scalability, performance, and security.


Design Advantage

Bring your website dreams to reality.
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