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About Our City
Raleigh, NC


North Carolina

Raleigh is a tight-knit city with a wonderful history and distinct southern charm. In recent years it has seen rapid expansion and development thanks to it being an anchor of the Triangle. An area defined by the three major cities of Chapel Hill, Durham, and Raleigh that host the major research universities of University of North Carolina, Duke, and North Carolina State University respectively. Similarly, the Triangle is home to the Research Triangle Park, know as RTP. Which is the largest research park in the United States and is home to over 200 companies and 50,000 professionals in areas across Science, Technology, and Engineering. However, Raleigh had humble beginnings and started out as a planned city. It was named after Sir Walter Raleigh the sponsor of the "Lost Colony of Roanoke" one of the oldest colonies of the New World. A Colony that has found recent popularity due to the mystery surrounding its disappearance as made famous by the TV shows "American Horror Story" and "Return to Roanoke". The City officially became Capital of the State and seat of Wake County in 1792. It's uniquely known as the City of Oaks, due to the large numbers of Oak Trees found within the City, which makes for a refreshing break from the normal Pine Trees that usually blanket the region. The City is a major focal point for various cultural and prevailing works of art, including the Song "Wagon Wheel" written by Bob Dylan and performed by various artists. We are happy to call Raleigh home, and hope to help contribute to the cultural and economic growth of the City and surrounding Triangle area.


The City of Oaks

City of Oaks
The Heart of Tobacco Road
Tobacco Road

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