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Website Design
Mobile + Social + Graphics + Multimedia

Mobile and Responsive

The Mobile Revolution is upon us! Is your current website compatible? If your website isn’t responsive or designed around varying display sizes then you are losing potential business. It’s basically the same as a “We’re Closed” sign for anyone who may be viewing your website on those platforms.

Website Design

Social Profile Design

Social Media is the new foundation for successful marketing. In order for those pages to be as effective as possible they need to have a design. Whether the sole purpose is maintaining a common image across platforms for branding. Or a more serious goal of design improvements meant to increase specific actions that lead to sales.

Social Media
Graphics and Branding

Most of our clients fall into two categories. Brand new businesses and businesses that need a spark due to lost market share. That’s where graphics and branding comes in. We can make sure you have a strong launch or a great revamp by providing you with marketing effective logos, promotional graphics, letterhead, and more!

Graphics & Branding
Photos & Videos

Photography and Videography

As a full-service company that provides turnkey solutions, its important to us that we offer all the extra services a website might need to be successful. The use of Multimedia, whether it be photos or videos, has seen a huge increase in recent years. This is due to recent advances in social media sharing, but also because of its unique ability to convey important information while keeping its audience engaged and entertained. We here at Raleigh by Design have fully adopted 4K UHD video, 360° Virtual Reality, and Aerial technology that will quickly become a standard in coming years.


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