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Web Development

Content Management System

A Content Management System (CMS) is a system that perfectly pairs a database driven website with a user friendly backend. Easily manage your website with a graphical user interface that makes you a website administrator from day one. What use to only be available to large corporations with extensive budgets, is now possible for the local small business. This includes but is not limited to features like Shopping Carts, Reservation Systems, File Management, User Registration, and much more!


E-Commerce and Apps

Are you currently a brick and mortar business? Many local businesses didn’t think twice about the dot com boom and the potential havoc its downstream effects might have. Now with advancements in transportation and shipping you might be facing a huge risk. Services like Prime Now and Google Express could have a huge impact on your business. Along with the convenience factor, millennials are continuing to drive market trends. Target this new market segment and protect your market share by getting an online store and a mobile app today!

API Implementation

We here at Raleigh by Design love code. We think it’s going to quickly become the prevailing art form of the 21st century. Our passion for coding has given us exposure to all the major application programming interfaces (API) on the market today. These API’s are literally a bridge between your website and any outside application or service you might want to leverage. If an outside application is part of your marketing campaign or service set, we have you covered.


Database Driven

The difference between a static website and a dynamic website is the use of a database. These come in varying flavors, but they are the cornerstone to an interactive and marketing effective website. They allow you to show different content to multiple user segments with access controls and restrictions. You can bridge your analytics database with your product database to change pricing on the fly based on trends and patterns. Actively target qualified customers for quicker conversions by utilizing a database driven website.


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